Kosher hotel in Abu Dhabi

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Last updated: February 2023

Recommended hotels for kosher observant in Abu Dhabi, close to kosher restaurants. The list of the best hotels is below

There are countless accommodation options and excellent and luxurious hotels in the Emirates, but there is no (yet) kosher hotel in Abu Dhabi.

Although there are no kosher hotels in Abu Dhabi, there are some suitable hotels for kosher observant: close to kosher restaurants and cafes.

The following hotels are particularly suitable for kosher observant guests in Abu Dhabi:

Recommended hotels for kosher observant in Abu Dhabi


A luxury luxury hotel on the edge of the Grand Canal in Abu Dhabi, with a private beach and manicured gardens surrounding it.

Huge rooms with an attached balcony and a luxurious bath, which include an electric kettle, mini-bar and even a coffee machine.
There are also beautiful and spacious garden apartments with a fully equipped kitchen, an excellent solution for kosher observant families who prefer to prepare their own meals.

In the hotel’s restaurant complex, there is a strictly training restaurant, The Kosher Place, from Treat Catering (sister of the restaurant in Dubai).

The hotel has 2 swimming pools, a gym and a spa. Free adjacent parking.

Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi
Hotel Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi Photo from the website


An excellent and quality hotel in the centre of Abu Dhabi, located in the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre.

The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool on the roof and a gym.

The rooms are large and include a refrigerator, coffee machine and facilities for making hot drinks.

The hotel is located in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Complex, where the Alice Hachshara Mehdrin restaurant is also located.


A pleasant, clean and cheap hotel close to the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre.

Spacious and air-conditioned rooms with a coffee machine. The hotel also has a swimming pool (outdoor) and a gym. Free private parking.

The hotel is located next to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Complex, where the Alice Hachshara Mehamdrin restaurant is also located.

Tip: The currency in the United Arab Emirates is the dirham (AED), which is close in value to the shekel.
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More Recommended Hotels in Abu Dhabi

The hotels in the United Arab Emirates are of a very high standard. The luxury, the size and the service are in a different league than what you have known.

You can find luxury hotels in Abu Dhabi at the price level of an average hotel in Israel. And there are also excellent hotels there at attractive and incredibly cheap prices.


An excellent and inexpensive 4-star hotel in Yas Island, about 5 minutes’ drive from the island’s major theme parks. The hotel also provides a shuttle service to the mall and parks.

There are 3 swimming pools, a health and spa centre and a gym.

The rooms include an electric kettle, coffee/tea making facilities, minibar, safe and more.

Excellent value for the price! Recommended from personal experience.

Crowne Plaza Yas Island. Image from the website


An excellent 5-star hotel in the centre of Abu Dhabi.

The rooms are large and luxurious, with an electric kettle, minibar and coffee/tea making facilities.

The hotel has 2 swimming pools, a gym and a health and spa centre

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