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Kosher Hotel in Budapest – Best Hotels 2023

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Last updated: October 2023

If you are looking for a kosher hotel in Budapest, you will find suitable solutions in the center of Budapest. In the center of Budapest is concentrated the Jewish community of Budapest, and there are kosher restaurants, synagogues and a Chabad house.

Budapest has countless accommodation options, but there is no kosher hotel in Budapest.

Although there are no kosher hotels in Budapest, there are quite a few hotels suitable for kosher observers: near synagogues and kosher restaurants, within walking distance of a Chabad house and even suitable for Shabbat observers.

I have compiled for you a list of recommended hotels and apartments for kosher keepers in the center of Budapest, in the area of the Jewish Quarter.

Kosher hotel in Budapest

Recommended hotels in the center of Budapest

The following hotels are especially suitable for kosher observers guests in Budapest:

  • Eurostars Danube Budapest

    An excellent and inexpensive hotel in the center of Budapest, in the Jewish area. Nearby to the Great Synagogue, the Chabad House and kosher restaurants. The hotel has a fitness center, and is accessible to the disabled. The rooms are luxurious, spacious and air conditioned. Courteous service. Close to public transportation.

  • 7Seasons Apartments Budapest

    4-star apartment hotel in a great location in the heart of Budapest, close to the Jewish Quarter.
    Daily maid service. Fully equipped kitchen equipped in each apartment. Washing machine. Courteous staff and remarkable cleanliness.

    For Sabbath observers: The key to regular and non-digital apartments. The entrance to the building is with a code, but you can ask in advance at the reception to open the main door for you when you arrive on Shabbat.

  • Vagabond Grand’Or

    An excellent and modern apartment hotel (score 9 on Booking!) in the Jewish area of Budapest, 5 minutes’ walk from the Kazinczy Synagogue and close to kosher restaurants.

    The apartments are beautiful and air-conditioned, with a modern design, suitable for up to 6 people in the apartment. Each apartment includes a balcony, a fully equipped kitchen and even a washing machine. There is an elevator in the building.

  • Hotel Mika Downtown

    A great, modern hotel in the Jewish Quarter, with rooms, suites and apartments. Excellent location – 2 minutes from Carmel Restaurant and Kaznitzi Synagogue. Rooms are air-conditioned and feature a safe, fridge, electric kettle and tea / coffee maker. The suites and apartments also have a kitchenette with a microwave and oven.

  • Hotel Memories Budapest

    Great 4-star hotel in the center of Budapest. 100 meters from Deak Station, and a few minutes’ walk from Dohani Synagogue and Chabad House.

    The hotel has a gym, and offers free drinks, snacks and coffee throughout the day.

    Rooms have a safe, minibar and even a coffee maker.

    Tip: It is recommended to upgrade at a nominal cost to a larger deluxe room with a view.

    Suitable for Shabbat observers: You can request a regular mechanical key, the main front door is not automatic. The hotel staff is aware of the needs of Sabbath-keeping guests, and is ready to turn off the sensors for them.

  • A22 Boutique Suites

    An excellent and new boutique hotel, luxurious and inexpensive, in a perfect and central location in Budapest. A few minutes from DEAK station (5 minutes), 5 minutes from Chabad House, and 7 minutes walk from Dohany Synagogue.

    Rooms are spacious and air conditioned, with a safe, electric kettle and even a coffee maker.

  • Kempinski Hotel

    Hotel where my sister stayed during her visit to Budapest. 5-star hotel, beautiful and well-kept. Located in a great location, close to the Jewish Quarter. Indoor swimming pool. Friendly and courteous staff. Slightly more expensive, but still a ridiculous price in relation to a hotel of this level.

  • Queen’s Court Hotel & Residence

    An excellent hotel with huge and beautiful suites, clean and equipped to the last detail!
    Inexpensive. The hotel has a spa and swimming pool, and is suitable for families: an equipped kitchen including a dishwasher, microwave, oven and hob. Washing machine. Excellent location in the center of the Jewish Quarter, a few minutes from the kosher restaurants.

For Sabbath observers: Although all the systems in the apartments are automatic, the staff is aware and assists in everything required for Sabbath-keeping: accompanies the guests to the apartment and opens the door for them, leaving lighting and air conditioning on request, etc. At the main entrance of the compound there is a standard door.

Apartment Hotel in Budapest

  • Asboth Downtown Apartment

    An excellent and luxurious vacation apartment in the center of Budapest, a short walk from the kosher restaurants and synagogues.

    The apartment is air-conditioned and includes a balcony and a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, stove, microwave, kettle and even a coffee machine.

    Recommended from personal experience!

  • Mango Aparthotel

    An excellent and very cheap apartment hotel. Suitable for families, especially kosher keepers who want to cook for themselves. Located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, within walking distance of all major sites. Huge apartment, well equipped and clean. Note: Air conditioners are only available at the hotel from the end of June.

    Tip: The noise coming from the street (the center of the entertainment area) may continue until the wee hours of the night, so you should choose an apartment that does not face the street.

    For Sabbath observers: the room key is standard and not electronic. Although the light outside the room turns on automatically, you can put a band-aid on the viewfinder.

  • Heritage Home Apartments

    Fully equipped and air-conditioned studios in the center of Budapest. Fully equipped kitchen, and some apartments also have a balcony with garden views. Next to Chabad house and the kosher restaurants.

  • Elisabeth Downtown Residence

    Excellent and modern apartments in the center of Budapest, in the Jewish area. Excellent location on Dob Street, 2 minutes away from the Kazinczy Synagogue and Hana Restaurant.

    Air-conditioned apartments in a variety of sizes. They include a fully equipped kitchen and a balcony. There is also a washing machine and free Wi-Fi.


    New and pleasant holiday apartment in the center of Budapest.

    The 4-room apartment is air-conditioned and well-maintained, and includes 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a washing machine. It’s about a five minute walk from the Chabad house and close to kosher restaurants.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observant: normal key (there is a safe to leave a key at the entrance, so you don’t have to go with the key on Shabbat), close to the synagogue and the Chabad house.

  • Karoly Corner Residences

    A modern and luxurious apartment hotel, designed and beautiful. Located in front of the Dohani Synagogue, a minute’s walk from Chabad House and a few minutes from the kosher restaurants. Very close to subway and buses. The apartments are modern and clean, equipped with a fully equipped kitchen (including coffee machine) with dining area and balcony with garden view.

  • Vagabond Broadway

    A new and excellent apartment hotel near the Great Synagogue and the Opera House. Suitable for families – up to 6 adults + 3 children. The apartments are air conditioned and clean and some have a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine and balcony.

    Excellent location – close to public transportation. Attached parking for a fee.

    Not suitable for Sabbath: Throughout the entire stairwell and lobby, lighting is turned on by sensors. The entrance to the building with an access code.

  • Gozsdu Apartment

    An apartment hotel in the center of Budapest, in the lively Gujdo courtyard, which is a recreation area. The apartments have a washing machine, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. All apartments have soundproofed windows. A kind and nice hostess.

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