Kosher hotel in Miami, Florida – Best hotels 2023

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Best Hotels for Kosher Observant in Miami

There is no kosher hotel in Miami, but the following hotels are recommended and suitable for observant guests.
These are hotels close to the Chabad house and kosher restaurants, and some of them have an option for a regular key on Shabbat.

  • The Marlin Hotel 

    An excellent 4-star hotel (8.9 booking rating), 15 minutes’ walk from the Chabad House in Miami Beach. Affordable price (about NIS 320 per night).

  • The Plymouth South Beach 

    A very good 4-star hotel, about half an hour’s walk from the Chabad house. About NIS 245 per night

  • Nautilus by Arlo 

    A 4-star hotel, about half an hour’s walk from the Chabad house. A hotel at a really fair price, relative to the location on the beach in Miami Beach: about NIS 400 per night.

  • Collins Hotel


    3-star hotel, very close to the Chabad house (about a ten minute walk). About NIS 215 per night.
  • Best Western Plus Atlantic Beach Resort 

    A 3-star hotel located about a ten-minute drive from the Chabad house and close to kosher restaurant.

    For Shabbat Observant: you can get a manual key to the room. Some of the products at breakfast are kosher.

Chabad House Miami Beach (South Beach)

Address: 1140 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States.

Phone: T 1-754-444-0770



The South Bay Chabad House offers Shabbat prayers and meals, pre-registration and payment on the website >

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