Kosher Restaurants in Madrid

Kosher Restaurants in Madrid - Kosher Food 2023

Last updated: February 2023

HUMMUS KOSHER FOOD – Meat hummus restaurant. Option of vegetarian dishes. The place also offers Shabbat meals and catering.

Kosher: strictly under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Madrid, Rabbi Moshe Ben Dahan.

Address: Calle de Alburquerque, 5, 28010 Madrid, Spain.


A kosher meat restaurant in the centre of Madrid, close to the synagogue. home style Generous portions. Reasonable prices.

Kosher: Galat Kosher, Rabbi Moshe Ben Dahan, Chief Rabbinate of Madrid.

Address: C. de la Santísima Trinidad, 16, Madrid.

Phone: +34 914 457380


A kosher dairy restaurant in the centre of Madrid, right next to the synagogue. Offer pizzas, pastas, salads, etc.

Kosher: Chalav Yisrael, Rabbi Moshe Ben Dahan, Chief Rabbinate of Madrid.

Address: Calle Viriato, 37 in Viriato Street 37 28010, 28010 Madrid, Spain.

Phone: +34 9175542


Kosher vegetarian restaurant in Madrid. A variety of Mediterranean style dishes such as hummus, falafel, salads, etc.

Kosher: Rabbi Moshe Ben Dahan, Chief Rabbinate of Madrid.

Address: C. de Colmenares, 13, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Phone: +34 69 2859444

Eli Pastrami – a meat restaurant in Madrid that offers sandwiches with different types of pastrami, hamburger and more.

Kosher: Galat Kosher, Rabbi Moshe Ben Dahan, Chief Rabbinate of Madrid.

Address: C. de Andrés Borrego, 2, 28004 Madrid, S

Skewers of the House – a new meat grill restaurant, adjacent to the central synagogue of Madrid.

Kosher: strictly under the supervision of the Chief Rabbi of Madrid, Rabbi Moshe Ben Dahan.

Address: Calle del Cardenal Cisneros, 80, 28010 Madrid, Spain.

Kosher Stores in Madrid

  • Kosher Sefarad (Carniceria Elias)

    Kosher supermarket in the centre of Madrid. Also includes a wine department, a deli with kosher meats and sausages, and kosher catering.

    Phone: +34-91-446-7847

    Address: Calle de Viriato, 35, 28010 Madrid, Spain.

  • el Gourmet Kosher

    kosher grocery store.

    Kosher: The Sephardi chief rabbi.

    Address: Calle Añastro, 9, 28033 MADRID.

  • El Corte Ingles – Castellana

     Spanish writer network. This branch has a kosher food area. There is a black sign above that comes down from the ceiling that says kosher.

    Address: Calle de Raimundo Fernández Villaverde, Paseo de la Castellana, 79, 28003 Madrid.

Important: Be careful with milk and dairy products, bread and pastries in Spain in terms of kosher, as they may contain ingredients that are not kosher. You can usually get them with the kosher stamp in the above shops.

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Synagogues in Madrid

  • Beit Yaakov Synagogue

    The main synagogue in Madrid, which also serves as the community centre of the Jewish community in Madrid.

    Address: Calle de Balmes, 3, 28010 Madrid, Spain.

    Prayer times:
    Kabbalat Shabbat: 7:30 p.m. (candles can be lit before Shabbat at the entrance to the synagogue)
    Shacharit: 9:15 – until around 12:00
    Mincha: 8:30 – followed by a third  meal, Ma’ariv
    and Havdalah
    On weekdays, Shacharit at 8:00 (on Sundays at 9:00). Mincha and Ma’ariv at 8:00 in the evening.

    Note: Due to security arrangements, it is required to present a passport at the entrance to the synagogue.

    For those praying on Shabbat, it is recommended to arrive in advance during the week in the morning to show the passports to the security personnel. If it was not possible to arrive before Shabbat with the passports, do not bring the passports (there is no Eruv in Madrid) but the security personnel will conduct an interrogation and following that they will let you in.

Madrid Chabad House

Rabbi Yitzhak Goldstein.


Address: Apartado De Correos 10-117 Madrid.


You can register for Shabbat meals at the Chabad house here:

The feasts are held in  the house of the Chabad Shalich (very close to the synagogue) or in a larger place according to the number of guests.

Recommended Hotels in Madrid

  • Agora Juan de Austria

    A quiet and pleasant hotel 5 minutes’ walk from the “Beth Yaacov” synagogue and close to kosher restaurants and shops. Large and spacious rooms, which include a mini bar.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observant: a regular mechanical key and courteous staff.

  • Eurostars Central 

    A lovely hotel in an excellent location – close to everything and still a quiet environment. Five minutes walk to the center. very clean The breakfast is not suitable for kosher observant, but there is plenty of fruit and vegetables and good coffee. It is a 9-minute walk from the Hummus Hachshara restaurant.

  • Gran Vía Capital

    A modern high-class apartment hotel in an excellent location. Spacious apartments that include a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine. Kind staff. There is a swimming pool (in season) and a charming balcony with a view

  • Catalonia Las Cortes 

    Excellent 4 star hotel in the centre of Madrid.

    Rooms with coffee machine, electric kettle and free water.

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