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Kosher hotel in Paris – Best hotels 2023

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Last updated: October 2023

Kosher Hotels in Paris - Hotels Recommended for Kosher and Shabbat Observant in Paris, Close to Kosher Restaurants and Synagogues

Those looking for a kosher hotel in Paris will find it mainly in the ninth arrondissement. In this area there is a large Jewish concentration as well as several kosher hotels.

The Jewish community in Paris is the largest in Europe, and has a strong connection to the religion and heritage of Israel. That is why Paris has dozens of synagogues, kosher shops and restaurants, mikvahs and everything a Shabbat-observing and kosher Jew needs.

Observant tourists arriving in Paris have some recommended areas to stay:

  • The Marais – located on the territory of the third and fourth arrondissements in Paris, and was formerly the Jewish quarter. Rosiers Street centers Jewish activity to this day and has kosher shops, including the old and famous falafel establishment L’As du Fallafel, Damiel’s chocolate shop and more. In the area is the famous Pompidou Centre, Jewish museums and sites such as the Holocaust Memorial and the Jewish Museum.

  • The 9th arr. – an area with a Jewish concentration, kosher hotels and synagogues. In the 9th district is the large synagogue “La Victoire”, as well as the famous Galerie Lafayette department store.

  • The 8th arr. and Champs-Elysées – in the tourist area in the centre of Paris is a Chabad house, which offers Shabbat and holiday meals. There are also several kosher restaurants in the vicinity, including the prestigious Honor restaurant.

Kosher Hotels in Paris - the 9th arr.

  •  Hotel Aida Opera 

    Best hotel for kosher Observant in the 9th arr. of Paris.

    Offers breakfast with kosher products. Close to the Great Synagogue. Shabbat key option.

  • Hotel Touring Opera

    A cozy and clean kosher boutique hotel in the centre of the 9th district close to synagogues, shops and kosher restaurants. The hotel staff speaks Hebrew, and it is also suitable for families, with spacious rooms for four people. The hotel offers a Paris kosher breakfast.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observant: a mechanical key and the option of a Shabbat plate.

Non-kosher Hotels, but Close to Synagogues and Kosher Shops

  • Hotel Touraine Opera

    An excellent 4-star hotel in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, 5 minutes’ walk from Galerie Lafayette and near a metro station.

    Air-conditioned rooms that include a minibar, electric kettle and Tea/coffee maker facilities. There are also family rooms. The place has a gym and a sauna.

  • Hôtel Saint-Pétersbourg Opéra & Spa

    An excellent 4-star spa hotel in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, 5 minutes from the Opéra. Excellent location near public transport – metro station.

    The rooms are elegant and include a minibar, electric kettle and coffee/tea making facilities. Some of the rooms have a balcony. The place has a spa and a gym.

  • Hotel 34B – Astotel 

    A hotel in an excellent location in the ninth district. Innovatively designed and very clean. Kind and friendly staff. Free Wi-Fi in all areas.

    The rooms are not large, but pleasant, soundproof and air-conditioned. They include a safe, mini-bar and electric kettle, and there is also a mini-bar with free soft drinks!

    Very close to the metro station, within walking distance of the department stores and the opera.

  • Maison Mère

    An excellent 4-star hotel in the 9th arrondissement, about fifteen minutes’ walk from the Opera and Galeries Lafayette. Recommended from personal experience!

    For kosher Observant: there are plenty of kosher shops and restaurants in the vicinity, the hotel is located about five minutes’ walk from the Buffault Synagogue.

    The hotel rooms include a mini-bar fridge, an electric kettle and even a coffee machine.

  • Best Western Premier Opéra Faubourg 

    A charming small boutique hotel located in the 9th district. 5 minutes’ walk from the Great Synagogue and close to kosher shops. Nice and kind staff.

    The rooms are air-conditioned and include a minibar, electric kettle and coffee/tea making facilities.

    Tip: The standard rooms in the hotel are quite small (only 13 square meters). It is recommended to upgrade for a small additional price to a superior room (19 square meters) and even a deluxe room (25 square meters).

Recommended Hotels for Kosher Observers in the Marais

  • Hotel Dupond-Smith 

    An excellent hotel (score 9.3 on Booking!) in the centre of Paris, close to Rosier Street where there are plenty of kosher shops and restaurants. Rooms designed in a modern style, spacious and air-conditioned with minibar and wireless internet. The hotel is accessible to the disabled.

  • Hôtel Duo 

    A well-kept and clean designer hotel in an excellent location in the Mara district, not far from Rosier Street. Air-conditioned rooms with modern design. The hotel has a fitness centre and it is accessible.

Most Recommended Hotels in Champs-Élysées Area

Hotels that are not Kosher, but Close to Kosher Restaurants and Chabad house Champs-Élysées.

  • Belfast

    A very good hotel in the heart of Paris, adjacent to the Gate of Victory and the Champs-Élysées, and less than ten minutes’ walk from the Chabad House. The hotel is suitable for families. Some of the hotel staff speak Hebrew.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observers: The hotel is fully adapted for Shabbat Observers, with regular keys and no sensors.

  • Atala Champs-Elysées

    A great hotel in the centre of Paris close to the Champs-Élysées, a 4-minute walk from the Chabad House. Beautiful, spacious, air-conditioned rooms with a minibar, electric kettle and even a coffee machine.

    The hotel is also suitable for families. And it has a gym.

  • Hôtel Victor Hugo Paris Kléber 

    A very good 4-star hotel close to the Champs-Élysées and Trocadero square. It is about a ten minute walk from the Chabad House and the Victory Gate. The hotel is next to a kosher supermarket and a minute’s walk from the BarBack Hachshara restaurant.

    The hotel rooms are air-conditioned and include a minibar and coffee/tea making facilities. Also suitable for families (rooms with a connecting door).

  • Hôtel Plaza Étoile 

    A small and clean hotel in the centre of Paris closw to the Victory Gate, a 5-minute walk from the Chabad House. Air-conditioned rooms. The hotel is suitable for families.

Address: 122 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris.

Phone: +33 1 53 75 36 01


Shabbat: The Chabad house offers strictly kosher Shabbat prayers and meals – night and day by pre-registering on the website. The cost of the meal starts at 30 euros (children 20 euros).

  • Mom’Art Hotel & Spa

    A beautiful new boutique hotel in the Montmartre neighborhood, Jewishly owned (not kosher). The hotel is in an excellent location, suitable for city trips, close to the Gar du nord train station.

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