Kosher hotel in Zurich

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Recommended hotels for Kosher Observant in Zurich

There are no completely kosher hotels in Zurich, but the following hotels are suitable for observant guests. Hotels near a synagogue, some of them serve a kosher breakfast and most of them have the option of a regular key on Shabbat

  • Engimatt City & Garden Hotel

    Great hotel for kosher Observant, located in a beautiful garden in the center of Zurich, and very close to kosher shops and restaurants. Extremely kind and helpful staff. Spacious and modern rooms that include a balcony and wireless internet, a mini bar and a Nespresso coffee machine.

    For Sabbath Observant:
    Aware of the needs of observant guests and help with what is required. It is a 5-minute walk from the Zurich Chabad House.

  • Hotel Neufeld

    An inexpensive hotel (relative to Zurich) in an excellent location, on a public transportation route. A 10-minute walk from the Agudat Ahim Synagogue – 20 minutes from the Chabad House.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observers: aware of the needs of observant guests and help with what is required.

  • Hotel Saint Georges

    A very simple hotel in an excellent location, only 300 meters from the Zurich-Vidicon train station and near synagogues and kosher shops. A 4-minute walk from the hotel is the Hachshara Mafia, where you can also get sandwiches, pizza, etc. Relatively small rooms, suitable for those who do not plan to stay in the room for a long time but mainly to travel.

Tip: In this hotel, it is mandatory to choose in advance during the reservation process a room with a bath and attached toilet, because there are rooms where the toilet is shared by the entire floor.

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