Kosher Restaurants in Amsterdam - Kosher Food 2024

Last updated: May 2024

Kosher restaurants in Amsterdam – all the restaurants on the list are under the joint supervision of the rabbis of the Amsterdam Jewish community (Ashkenazi) and the Israeli Portuguese community of Amsterdam (Sephardi). All meat in the restaurants under Amsterdam rabbinical supervision is Glatt kosher. Every restaurant should be a kosher certificate.

Kosher Restaurants in South Amsterdam - the Jewish Area

In the Jewish area in the south of Amsterdam known as Buitenveldert, mainly on Kastelenstraat, there is a concentration of bakeries, shops and restaurants that offer kosher food:

  • PIZZA & CO

    Kosher Pizzeria. Fair prices, pizza, falafel and the tastiest fries we’ve ever tasted.

    Address: Kastelenstraat 105A Amsterdam.

    +31 20 4044453

    Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-21:00, Friday 11:00-14:00.

  • Rimon Deli (David’s Corner)

    Dairy cafe, bakery and kosher supermarket.

    Address: Kastelenstraat 69, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 6461002

    Opening hours: Sunday 10:00-16:30, Monday-Thursday 8:30-18:00, Friday 8:30-16:00.

  • Meat Me Kosher

    An Israeli-style meat restaurant in the Jewish area of Amsterdam.

    Address: Kastelenstraat 65, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 3541744

    Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 12:00-22:00, Friday 11:00-15:00.

  • NEW! Taim Taim

    Kosher Mediterranean meat restaurant.
    The menu includes a variety of oriental-Israeli style dishes such as hummus, falafel, shawarma, skewers and more.
    Offers a take-away service.

    Address: Kastelenstraat 265, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 7868609

    Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 14:00-22:00.

  • NEW! Sandwichshop Sal Meijer

    A long-standing kosher deli in the Jewish area of Amsterdam. It was closed for a few years, and reopened recently.
    The place has been famous for decades because of its marinated (hot) meat sandwiches, beef sausage, half a sandwich and fish meatballs. Simple, delicious and homemade food.

    Address: Professor J.H. Bavincklaan 5, Amstelveen.

    Phone: +31 20 2135555

    Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00-22:00, Friday 11:00-15:30.

Kosher Restaurants in Amsterdam City Centre

  • Machane Yehuda

    A strictly kosher meat restaurant in Amsterdam city centre, managed by Chabad Amsterdam.
    Offer a variety of meats such as asado, entrecote, chickens, etc., fish, salads and more.

    Address: Albert Cuypstraat 165, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 4212770

    WhatsApp: +31 6 12177038

    Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 13:00-22:00.

  • La Biss Kosher Street Food

    A fast food meat restaurant in the Albert Cuypmarkt, a few minutes from the Chabad House. Offers falafel, schnitzel in pita etc’.

    Address: Albert Cuypstraat 278

    Phone: +31 6 11116263

    Opening Hours:
    Sunday-Thursday: 20:00-12:00
    Friday 10:30-15:00
    Mochash one hour after Shabbat ends – 1:00

Kosher Shops and Supermarkets in Amsterdam

  • Mouwes Kosher Delicat

    A kosher grocery and deli store in the Jewish area of Amsterdam.
    You can find a variety of products in the store, including bread, dairy and meat products and even Israeli products. They also offer organic products.

    Address: Kastelenstraat 261, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 6610180

    Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 9:00-18:00, Friday 7:30-14:00.

  • Jumbo (Large Department)

    A supermarket with a large kosher department including meat, milk, bread and frozen products.

    Address: Kastelenstraat 70, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 3012680

    Opening hours: Sunday-Saturday 8:00-22:00.

  • Jumbo

    A supermarket with a small kosher product department.

    Address: Buitenveldertselaan 184, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 3019160

    Opening hours: Sunday 8:00-22:00, Monday-Saturday 7:30-22:00.

  • Marcus

    A kosher butcher shop in the Jewish area of Amsterdam.

    Address: Kastelenstraat 111-A, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 6719881

    Opening hours: Wednesday-Thursday 8:30-17:00, Friday 8:30-13:00.

  • Rimon Deli (David’s Corner)

    Dairy cafe, bakery and kosher supermarket.

    Address: Kastelenstraat 69, Amsterdam.

    Phone: +31 20 6461002

    Opening hours: Sunday 10:00-16:30, Monday-Thursday 8:30-18:00, Friday 8:30-16:00.

KASTELENSTRAAT - the central Jewish area in Amsterdam

Kashrut List of the Netherlands

List of products that can be bought in non-kosher stores in the Netherlands > (Milk products that appear in this list are not Chalav Yisrael!)

Chabad House Amsterdam

Chabad Central Amsterdam located in the heart of the Albert Cuyp market.

You can eat Shabbat meals at the Chabad house by registering in advance here >

Address: Albert Cuypstraat 165-167, 1073 BC Amsterdam.

Phone: +31 20 4212770

WhatsApp: +31 6 12177038

Recommended hotels for Kosher Observant in Amsterdam

Hotels in the Jewish Area in Amsterdam - South of the City

  • Holiday Inn Express South Hotel

    A hotel in the Jewish area in the south of Amsterdam. Close to a synagogue, kosher restaurants and public transportation. Nice rooms but small. The hotel is Jewish-owned and provides a strictly kosher breakfast.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observant: The hotel staff is aware of the needs of Shabbat Observers, provides a standard key and assists with any question and request.

  • Adagio Amsterdam City South

    Great 4-star apartment hotel in the Jewish area of Amsterdam, just a few minutes’ walk from the metro station.

    Spacious and air-conditioned studio apartments and suites, which include a fully equipped kitchen (please note – induction stove)

    Beneath the hotel is the Hachshara restaurant “Sal Meijer”, and a jumbo supermarket with a selection of kosher products is a short walk away. There is also the option of a kosher breakfast for an additional fee.

    For Shabbat Observant: you can get a normal mechanical key from the reception instead of a digital card, and the main automatic door will be opened for you by the hotel staff. On Shabbat, prayers are held there by Chabad Amstelveen.

  • Hotel NH Amsterdam Zuid

    A highly recommended hotel located in the Jewish centre close to the kosher shops. Large and spacious rooms. Service and kind staff.

    Suitable for kosher and Shabbat observant:  you can order strictly kosher meals for an additional fee. In addition, the hotel has a floor for Shabbat guards without sensors, with a normal key, etc.

  • Cityden Up Amsterdam South 

    An excellent apartment hotel at the edge of the Jewish neighborhood in the south of Amsterdam. The apartments include a fully equipped kitchen. Suitable for families and accessible to those with mobility difficulties. Gym, wireless internet and free parking. Very close to public transport.

    For Shabbat Observant: The hotel staff recognizes the special needs of Shabbat Observers and assists with what is required (option for a regular key by prior arrangement). Close to a synagogue and kosher restaurants.

  • Luxurious Private Studio Amsterdam Zuid

    A new and well maintained vacation unit in the Jewish area of Amsterdam, a few minutes from the synagogue and a short walking distance from the kosher restaurants.

    The one-room “apartment” is suitable for a couple, and includes a kitchenette, toilet and shower. Very close to public transport – tram station right next door.

  • Element Amsterdam

    An excellent 4-star hotel in the Jewish area of Amsterdam, about 10 minutes’ walk from the kosher restaurants and about 20 minutes’ walk from the synagogue.

    Large air-conditioned rooms with a kitchenette with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, electric kettle and coffee machine. There are also suites for families with children.

    The hotel is inside Halderlandplein shopping mall, which has a jumbo supermarket with kosher products.

    Not suitable for Shabbat – digital card.

  • ibis budget Amsterdam City South hotel

     A new and modern hotel at the edge of the Jewish neighborhood. Nice rooms but quite small. The hotel provides a kosher breakfast – a corner in the dining room with strictly kosher products.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observers: The hotel staff is aware of the needs of Shabbat Observant, provides a standard key on demand.

Recommended Hotels in Amsterdam Center

  • NH City Centre Amsterdam

    A hotel in a great location in the city centre, a few minutes’ walk from Dam Square and less than 20 minutes’ walk from the Portuguese Synagogue. Clean, spacious and decorated rooms.
    You can order strictly kosher meals for an additional fee (must be ordered through the hotel directly at least a week in advance).

    Tip: It’s recommended to book a large room (XL), which has separate toilets from the bathroom, two sinks, a more equipped and luxurious room with bathrobes, etc.

  • Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam hotel

    Hotel in an excellent location in the centre of Amsterdam, close to the central station. The hotel has an indoor pool and sauna facilities. Some of the hotel staff are Israeli, so Hebrew-speaking guests will feel comfortable.

  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    An elegant and modern hotel close to the central train station of Amsterdam. With a view of the Eige River and a lounge on the roof of the hotel overlooking a spectacular view of the city.

  • Pulitzer hotel

    A unique luxury hotel in the centre of Amsterdam. Housed in 25 old renovated canal houses, combining traditional and modern Dutch design.
    Shabbat-observant friendly: the hotel staff is aware of the needs of religious Jews and tries to meets them.

  • NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

    A luxurious deluxe hotel in a perfect location, at the edge of Dam Square. In the heart of things, close to most sites and attractions. 13 minutes’ walk from the Portuguese Synagogue.

* Vos catering supplies kosher meals to dozens of hotels throughout Amsterdam. The meals are strictly kosher under the supervision of Rav Wolf of Amsterdam. To order the kosher meals, it is advisable to contact the hotel after booking.

When ordering, you must specify which meal it is: breakfast (dairy), noon (fur) or evening (meaty), and if you are interested in “Chalav Yisrael”. There is also the option of special gluten-free or lactose-free meals.

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