Kosher Restaurants in Dubai - Kosher Food 2023

Last updated: February 2023

Recently updated: The UAE has recently become a paradise for the religious tourist and offers plenty of kosher food.

As of today, February 2023, there are seven kosher restaurants in Dubai, both meat and dairy, and two more in Abu Dhabi. There is also kosher catering in Dubai, an active Chabad house and very recently even a kosher supermarket was opened in Dubai. Brewer 2023

Kosher Restaurants in Dubai


A kosher cafe in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, the famous palm island.
Offers a rich dairy menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner, which includes salads, pastas, pizza, shakes and more.

There is also a “Shabbat market” every Friday morning, where you can buy challah, grape juice, salads and Shabbat food.

Address: Golden Mile Gallery, Building 4, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.
Galleria Golden Mile, Building 4, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

Phone: +971 52 876 7493

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 22:00-8:00, Friday 15:00-8:00, Shabbat 20:00-22:00.

Kosher: Strictly kosher under OU supervision.


A strictly kosher cafe and restaurant in the centre of Dubai, close to the downtown area.
The place serves breakfast, pizzas, pastas, salads and more.

Address: Mazaya Centre, Sheikh Zayed Collector Rd, Al Wasl, Dubai.
Phone: T +971 43 434214
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00 p.m.-8:00 a.m., Friday 8:00 a.m. – Shabbat hour, Shabbat an hour after Shabbat ends – 11:00 p.m.
Kosher: Strictly kosher ,Chalav Yisrael. Under the supervision of Rabbi Duchman, Chabad Dubai, EAKC.


A kosher fish restaurant in the marina area in Dubai, in front of the sea.
An Israeli-style menu that includes, among others, hummus, falafel, shakshuka and more. Link to the menu >

Address: 3 33rd St – Umm Suqeim Jumeirah 3 – Dubai.
Phone: 050-345-8100
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 23:45-10:20, Friday 18:00-9:20.
Kosher: under the supervision of Rabbi Dochman, Chabad Dubai, EAKC.


A strictly kosher meat restaurant from Treat Catering.
The restaurant is located in the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel across the Dubai Canal.

Address: Rebat St – Garhoud – Dubai.
Phone: T +971 56 4467472, +972 55 9453118
Opening hours: 22:00 – 12:00.
Kosher: under the supervision of Rabbi Dochman, Chabad Dubai, EAKC.


A kosher meat restaurant in the Festival City area, which offers breakfast and dinner in an Israeli buffet style.
The restaurant is located in the luxurious Intercontinental Festival City hotel.
The place also serves Shabbat and holiday meals.

Address: Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City, Dubai.
Phone: +971 52 784 9508
Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday morning 10:30-7:30 Evening 19:30-22:00, Shabbat meals: Friday 18:30 Shabbat to 22:00.
Kosher: Strictly under the supervision of Rabbi Rotenberg and Aharon HaCohen.


Kosher gourmet restaurant in the Armani Hotel, located in the famous Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai.
The prestigious restaurant offers a Mediterranean, European and Asian style meat menu.

Address: Ground Level, Armani Hotel Dubai, 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai.
Phone: T +971 4 888 3666
Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday – 23:30 -18:30. It is recommended to reserve a place in advance.
Delivery service
Kosher: under the supervision of Rabbi Dochman, Chabad Dubai, EAKC.


A strictly kosher Israeli meat restaurant. The prestigious restaurant is located on the 37th floor of the H Hotel, and offers Israeli-style dishes such as grilled meat, Kobe and couscous.
The restaurant also makes deliveries all over Dubai.

Address: The H Dubai, 1 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai.
Phone: T 052 220 9155
Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 23:00 – 11:00, Friday 11:00 – 15:00, Shabbat 21:00 – 24:00.
Kosher: under the supervision of Rabbi Dochman, Chabad Dubai, EAKC.

New! Kosher Supermarket in Dubai

  • Rimon Supermarket

    the first kosher supermarket in the United Arab Emirates. A strictly kosher store with a variety of kosher products in the heart of Dubai.

    In the supermarket you can get kosher bread and pastries, kosher milk, dry food products, meat and chicken products, and in the future in Aza additional products will be sold there, and there will be a Shabbat food fair on Friday.

    Opening hours: Sunday 9:00-19:30, Monday-Thursday 8:00-19:30, Friday 8:00-14:00.
    Address: Wasl Square, shop 18 – Al Safa 1, Dubai.
    Phone: T +971 545848867

Kosher Catering in Dubai

  • Elli’s Kosher Kitchen catering

    catering and delivery service of kosher meals and sit down food directly to your hotel in Dubai.

    Phone: T +971 2 654 5000
    T 971 50 9163166 (Shabbat meals (Whatsapp)
    Shabbat reservations must be received by 2:00 PM on Thursdays
    Kosher: Strictly OU.

  • Treat Kosher

    strictly kosher catering in Dubai. Offers a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and packages ready to sit down.
    phone:+971 4 338 6682
    +971 5 644 67472
    Kosher: Mehadrin under the supervision of Rabbi Dochman, Chabad Dubai, EAKC.

Chalav Yisrael in Dubai

Beginning in October 2021, Chabad House began producing Chalav Yisrael in cooperation with a technological dairy in Dubai.
You can get Chalav Yisrael for personal consumption at a Chabad house, or order large quantities for groups and events directly from the dairy.

To order, contact the Chabad House by phone:
+971 56 958 2971

Kosher Meat in Dubai

Shabbat in Dubai

Besides the aforementioned catering, the Chabad house in Dubai also offers Shabbat meals and prayers every Shabbat and holiday.

Currently (February 2021) the meals and prayers are held at the Address Dubai Marina Hotel, an excellent 5-star hotel connected to the Mall and Dubai Marina.

To participate in Shabbat meals, you must register and pay in advance on the website:

Recommended Hotels for Kosher Observant in Dubai

The hotel offers a Mehadrin Kosher breakfast. The meal is kosher under the EAKC supervision of Rabbi Levy Duchman, a Chabad emissary to the United Arab Emirates.
The kosher breakfasts are open to everyone, independent and groups alike, including guests outside the hotel.

The kosher breakfasts are cooked by the hotel chef and served in a separate kosher dining room from 06:30 to 10:30.
No need to coordinate in advance. Arrive at the place and pay 100 dirhams per person (for hotel guests. For non-hotel guests the cost of the meal is 150 dirhams) for a kosher and excellent meal.
Also, hotel guests can order a strictly kosher room service throughout the day. Just call room service and find out what the kosher dishes are.

  • Armani Hotel Dubai

    An excellent 5 star hotel and super luxurious (score 9 in Booking!), Located in the famous Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

    The elegant hotel overlooks the views of the marina, canals and skyscrapers of Dubai. It features a gym and a luxurious wellness and spa center offering a variety of treatments. There are no less than 7 restaurants in the hotel, including the kosher and prestigious Armani restaurant, under the supervision of EAKC.

    The rooms are huge, elegantly decorated and equipped, including an iPad, a minibar and hot drinks facilities.

  • Habtoor Palace Dubai

    5 star hotel in a great location, on the banks of the Dubai Water Canal.

    The rooms are huge and luxurious, and include a minibar, coffee maker and other treats.

    The hotel has 2 swimming pools, a large and sophisticated spa and a gym.

    The hotel offers a kosher breakfast! (Paid. Check with the hotel in advance)

  • Habtoor Grand Resort

    Very good 5 star hotel in a great location.

    Rooms are large and luxurious, with a minibar, safe and tea / coffee maker. There are no less than 2 swimming pools, a good gym and a spa.

    The hotel offers a kosher breakfast! (Paid. Check with the hotel in advance)

  • V Hotel Dubai

    5 star + hotel in a great location in the centre of Dubai, close to Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and the Dubai Water Canal.

    The hotel is decorated in a super modern, contemporary and young style. It features a swimming pool, gym and spa offering a variety of treatments.

    Rooms are bold and modern, spacious and feature an open-plan bath, rain shower, fridge and coffee maker.

    The hotel offers a kosher breakfast! (Paid. Check with the hotel in advance)

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