Kosher hotel in Washington

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Last updated: February 2023

Washington has countless lodging options, hotels and vacation apartments, but there is no kosher hotel in Washington.

Although there are no kosher hotels in Washington, there are several kosher restaurants and an active synagogue.

In Silver Spring, a suburb close to Washington, there is a Jewish community, and accordingly also synagogues, shops and kosher restaurants.

The following hotels are especially suitable for Kosher-observant guests in Washington:

Recommended Hotels for Kosher Observant in Central Washington

  • Waldorf Astoria Washington DC

     an excellent 5-star hotel (score 9.6 on Booking!) in an excellent location in the centre of Washington, close to the Capitol area and the museums.

    This is a very prestigious (and expensive) hotel, with an excellent gym and a luxurious spa. The rooms are luxurious and include a minibar and coffee/tea making facilities.

    For kosher observant: the hotel previously offered strictly kosher meals from catering in the area (Medina Cuisine, Kosher Capitol-K). The dishes arrived fresh daily in a double wrap, so that they could be heated properly. It is not certain that this arrangement still exists today after the corona. It is recommended to find out by email/message in advance.

  • The Churchill Hotel

    An old and luxurious 4-star hotel.
    Located 2 minutes’ walk from the “Shul” – the synagogue in the centre of Washington, and about 20 minutes’ walk from the kosher restaurants “Cher Bar” and “Baby’s Planet”.

    The hotel rooms include a refrigerator and coffee/tea making facilities.

  • Washington Hilton Hotel

    A good and inexpensive 4-star hotel in Washington, which includes an outdoor swimming pool (in season) and a gym.

    It is a 3-minute walk from the “Shul” – the synagogue in the centre of Washington, and close to kosher restaurants.

    The rooms include a coffee machine and coffee/tea making facilities. Some are also accessible to people with disabilities.

  • Lyle DC

    An excellent 4-star + hotel in an excellent location in the centre of Washington. Located about ten minutes from the synagogue, and not far from kosher restaurants.

    The rooms are spacious and include a refrigerator and a safe.

    The hotel has a fitness centre.

  • Park Hyatt Washington

    An excellent 4-star hotel in a very good location in Washington, about a twenty-minute walk from the White House and the “Mall”. It is about ten minutes away from the “Kesher Israel” Knesset and close to the kosher restaurants in Washington.

    The hotel has a swimming pool, a gym and a spa.

    The rooms are decorated, and include a minibar and a coffee machine.

Recommended Hotels for Kosher observant in Silver Spring

Silver Spring is a city located north of Washington, in the state of Maryland.

Many Israelis are concentrated in the city, and it has an established Orthodox Jewish community that includes synagogues, kosher shops and restaurants, educational institutions and more.

  • Home2 Suites By Hilton Silver Spring

    An excellent 3-star+ hotel in Silver Spring.

    The hotel rooms are spacious and include a safe and mini bar. There are rooms suitable for families (up to 5 people in a room).

    There is also a swimming pool and a gym. Attractive price!

For kosher observant: the hotel is located close to kosher restaurants and a huge kosher supermarket.

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