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Kosher hotel in Madrid – Best hotels 2022

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Last updated: December 2022

Kosher Hotels in Madrid - Recommended Hotels for Kosher and Shabbat Observant in Madrid, close to Kosher Restaurants and Synagogues. List of the Best Hotels

Those looking for a kosher hotel in Madrid will find suitable solutions in the city center. The Jewish community is concentrated in the center of Madrid, and there is an active synagogue, kosher restaurants and a Chabad house.

Madrid has a lot of accommodation options, but there is no kosher hotel in Madrid.

Although there are no kosher hotels in Madrid, there are quite a few hotels suitable for kosher observant: near synagogues and kosher restaurants, within walking distance of the synagogue and even suitable for Shabbat observant.

I have collected for you a list of recommended hotels and apartments for kosher observant in the center of Madrid, in the area of the Beth Yaacov Synagogue.

  • Agora Juan de Austria

    A quiet and pleasant hotel 5 minutes’ walk from the “Beth Yaacov” synagogue and near kosher restaurants and shops. Large and spacious rooms, which include a mini bar.

    Suitable for Shabbat Observant: a regular mechanical key and courteous staff.

  • Eurostars Central 

    A lovely hotel in an excellent location – close to everything and still a quiet environment. Five minutes walk to the center. very clean The breakfast is not suitable for kosher observant, but there is plenty of fruit and vegetables and good coffee. It is a 9-minute walk from the Hummus Hachshara restaurant.

  • Gran Vía Capital

    A modern high-class apartment hotel in an excellent location. Spacious apartments that include a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine. Kind staff. There is a swimming pool (in season) and a charming balcony with a view

  • Catalonia Las Cortes 

    Excellent 4 star hotel in the center of Madrid.

    Rooms with coffee machine, electric kettle and free water.

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