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Vienna with Kids – 9 Best Things to Do for families 2024

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Last updated: May 2024

Vienna offers countless sites and attractions suitable for children and youth.

From zoos, parks and playgrounds, through special museums for children and teenagers, to challenging extreme activities.

Prater Park is one of the oldest and most famous amusement parks in the world. The Schönbrunn Palace offers a special museum for children, a maze, a toy tourist train and of course the famous zoo.

For teenagers there are cool museums in Vienna such as the Museum of Illusions and the Chocolate Museum.

Extreme enthusiasts will be able to spend time in the more challenging facilities in the Prater Park, the rope park in Kallenberg, or experience mountain slides in the Trailcenter Hohe Wand Wiese.


A unique tourist bus in Vienna combined with virtual reality.

Future Bus offers an historical interactive tour, where you can get to know the Vienna of today, and at the same time dive through VR glasses into its glorious past.

The route passes through the most important places and events of Vienna. It provides a unique virtual experience where you can witness battles and meet historical figures who influenced the city.

The duration of the tour is about an hour and is accompanied by audio guidance in 11 languages. During it you visit some of the most important and impressive stations of Vienna – the Royal Opera House, the Heroes’ Square, Maria Theresa Square, the Parliament, the City Hall and more. Then, at four different stations, put on the virtual reality glasses and go back in time to Vienna’s past and to the people and events that shaped the face of the city.


The Prater located in the northeast of Vienna, near the Jewish area. This is a large public park where the old amusement park is also located. Entrance to the Prater is free, and each facility is paid for separately.

The highlight of the park is the famous Wiener Riesenrad Ferris wheel, which was built about 120 years ago, and has become one of the symbols most associated with the city of Vienna.

The ticket to Wiener Riesenrad also includes entry to the complex, where there is a nice exhibition showing the history of the Ferris wheel through moving miniatures.

The wheel cabins are made from old railroad cars that have been renovated, and add to the special setting. The rotation is relatively slow and offers a view of the entire city of Vienna.


The Schönbrunn complex is huge, and includes besides the main palace also gardens, museums, a theater, a labyrinth, a zoo and more.

The Schönbrunn Palace is huge and impressive. The walls of the luxurious rooms are lined with silk and velvet, and they have carved furniture, gold-framed mirrors and works of art. The palace is surrounded by beautiful and well-kept gardens designed symmetrically.

Since small children are less interested in palaces and museums, When you travel in Vienna with kids it’s recommended to skip the palace and go straight to the gardens (entrance to the gardens is free!).

Tip: The Schönbrunn Gardens are open freely every day of the week, from 6.30 am.
Entrance to some of the gardens is for a fee: the Orangery Gardens, the Privy Garden, the Maze, the Palm House and the Desert House. But you can be satisfied with the free gardens, which are beautiful.

Vienna with Kids – Schönbrunn
Vienna with Kids – Schönbrunn

Between the vast areas of the Schönbrunn complex, the panoramic tourist train travels. It offers the possibility to enjoy the large park of the palace without straining the legs, and is especially suitable for children.
The train stops at nine key points throughout the park, including the zoo, Gloriette Hill and the palace.

Buy ticket for the Schönbrunn panoramic train here >

The card includes:

One-day unlimited access to the Schönbrunn train
Intermittent hopping (on and off) at the nine train stations as often as you like

Instant ticket delivery
Duration of the train ride: 45 minutes
No need to print, Smartphone tickets accepted

Vienna with Kids – Schönbrunn Panoramabahn
Vienna with Kids – Schönbrunn train

The Tiergarten, Schönbrunn’s famous zoo, was established by Emperor Franz I, more than 250 years ago. The garden is decorated in a majestic and impressive style, and the animal houses look like beautiful castles.

At the Schönbrunn Zoo you can find rare animals such as beautiful white polar bears, penguins, panda bears and of course the standard animals found in every zoo: giraffes, lions, tigers, elephants and more.

Vienna with Kids – Schönbrunn Zoo
Vienna with Kids – Schönbrunn Zoo

Tip: Children under the age of 5 enter the Schönbrunn Zoo for free!

The Children’s Museum is located on the ground floor of the Schönbrunn Palace (west wing). This is an experiential attraction that allows children to experience and feel like royalty for a day:

Measure luxury clothes – prom dresses and uniforms, “taste” the royal delicacies at the imperial dining table, play with antique toys and more.

A visit to the place with an eight-year-old girl was very successful: the girl enjoyed trying gorgeous dresses there and playing games.

The maze made of plants in the Schönbrunn Gardens is a fun experience for children and adults.

There are also corners with special playgrounds for children.


Sea World is the largest aquarium in Austria. It is an 11-story building with a huge display of different types of fish and coral reefs and other animals. The view from the windows is spectacular.

10,000 marine and terrestrial animals spread across different “zones” such as coral reefs, Amazon rainforests and tropical jungles.

Tip: The highlight of the place is the amazing roof terrace, with a panoramic view of the entire city of Vienna. do not miss!


A greenhouse for breeding butterflies of all types and sizes in a tropical climate.
A beautiful place with a tropical garden with diverse plants, waterfalls, fish ponds and especially magnificent butterflies. Very suitable for a visit in cool weather.

Next to the showroom there is a souvenir shop with beautiful and interesting items.


The Museum of Illusions is a fun and cool attraction, especially for teenagers.

The museum has a display of objects that stimulate illusions of sight, imagination and thought, involving the visitors in an interactive way. The place emphasizes special photographs of illusions, and a special point on the floor marks the most suitable angle for photography.

During my visit to the museum with my young daughter, we played with the exhibits for a light and fun hour, took a lot of pictures and experimented with the deceptive exhibits.


Time Travel is a place that presents the background and history of the city of Vienna in an interactive way.

Here you can experience Vienna’s past through advanced technology (5D), from its foundation as a Roman camp to modern times. The elaborate show is accompanied by all the sounds and sensations. Including even snowflakes that fell on us from above, and a terrifyingly realistic feeling of mice running at our feet.

From there, you go to rooms on different topics, and get to know the dominant figures who shaped the image of Vienna:
A performance featuring members of the imperial family – Franz Joseph, Queen Maria Theresa and Princess Sisi, or a hall where you “participate” in a ball in virtual reality and listen to Strauss’s waltz music. There is also a reference to the city’s dark times – the plague and World War II.
All in all a fascinating and highly recommended experience.

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An adventure park in the Kallenberg Forest located on the outskirts of Vienna. This is a large park that includes a variety of attractions:

  • Rope park with routes for all levels and ages
  • Omega Slides (Zipline)
  • Archery park in 3D
  • Electric mountain bike
  • Playgrounds for children and more.


Those looking for an extreme activity in Vienna will find it at the Trail Center Wien.

It is a ski resort in the suburbs of Vienna with a variety of hiking trails and sports activities, including alpine slides.

In the summer, the place offers an adrenaline-filled experience for the whole family, with mountain slides on a long track with sharp turns. There are also bicycle paths and a bicycle rental service.

Address: Mauerbachstraße 174/184, 1140 Wien.

You can reach the place by public transport from Vienna – a quarter of an hour’s drive away.

Vienna with Kids – Trail Center Wien
Vienna with Kids – Trail Center Wien

Tip: For those staying in Vienna for more than one day, it’s recommended to buy the “Vienna PASS” card, which allows free entry to more than 60 sites and attractions in Vienna.
You can choose a ticket for one, two, three or six days.
By purchasing the ticket, you will skip the line in Schönbrunn, the zoo, the giant wheel and more. Includes unlimited travel on the tourist bus routes.

Best Family Friendly Hotels & Apartments in Vienna

  • Novotel Wien City

    Hotel in a great location in the center of Vienna, opposite the Ringstraße and very close to kosher restaurants.
    Rooms are air conditioned and some are suitable for families.
    Reasonable price. Private parking for a fee.

  • Austria Classic Hotel Wien

    Hotel in a great location in the center of Vienna, opposite the Ringstraße and very close to kosher restaurants.
    Rooms are air conditioned and some are suitable for families.
    Reasonable price. Private parking for a fee.

  • Rafael Kaiser

    An excellent apartment hotelin the second district of Vienna, within walking distance of the city center. There is a selection of air-conditioned, modern and well-maintained apartments, which include a fully equipped kitchen. Suitable for up to 6 people.
    An attractive and affordable price especially for families.

  • Sky Apartments Vienna

    Apartment hotel in the center of the second district in Vienna.
    The apartments are spacious and cozy, pleasant and air-conditioned apartments. They include a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, a work area, a large bedroom and a balcony facing the view.
    You can order a strictly kosher breakfast for an additional fee.
    Lovely and helpful staff. Recommended from personal experience.

  • MyApartments Vienna

    A beautiful and modern apartment hotel near the Jewish area in Vienna. Apartments in a variety of sizes are suitable for up to 10 people and more.

    The apartments are beautiful and renovated, air-conditioned and have a balcony. Each apartment has a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, stove, kettle and even a washing machine.

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