Kosher hotel in Los Angeles

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Last update: February 2023


A small hotel with only two floors. Kosher breakfast, and everything is served in disposable utensils.

The hotel is suitable for those who observe Shabbat: it has a Shabbat hotplate, a samovar, and there is no problem storing the food in the refrigerator in the hotel kitchen. There are no magnetic cards, so there is no problem opening the door on Saturday.


Hotel in Anaheim (Anaheim), a district city in metropolitan Los Angeles. The hotel has family suites that include a kitchen. The hotel is very child-oriented, including a small playground, a pool and a “snacks meal” towards evening (free drink). Bonus: the hotel provides shuttle service directly to Disneyland. Saves parking, and also the trip to the park with all the traffic jams on the way.

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